STCC Shipping container office delivery & installation

Delivery & Installation of the new Swiss Chamber of Commerce office pavilion on the Swiss embassy Bangkok.
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STCC Shipping container office construction process

Construction process of the new Swiss Chamber of Commerce office pavilion on the Swiss embassy Bangkok.
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Swiss Thai Chamber of Commerce Shipping container office

An office garden pavilion in the Swiss embassy of Bangkok. The new STCC office, made up of three workplaces, is located on the Swiss embassy compound, between the embassy offices, designed by architect Hans Hofmann and Roland Vogel in 1957, and a smaller office/ apartment bungalow. The new one-story office is embedded in the existing garden and surrounded by existing trees.
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Call-center design best practice

Call Centre‘s are a vital link between companies and their customers in an increasingly digital business environment and hence the effectiveness of the staff in these call centers is of paramount importance.
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Office Color Schemes: The Psychology of Productivity

Vibrant colors do more than show people that your business is creative and dynamic. Colors influence how we see and respond to our environment and have a psychological effect to employees. Some colors tend to inspire creativity and productivity, while others can produce feelings of depression and sadness.
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Samran Loft

An unused office got a second life as spacious industrial loft-style apartment. Previously, the 66sqm office had a standard three-meter-high fake ceiling, a small internal toilet and was divided into rooms. However, this corner location on a commercial floor, between car parking and apartment floors of an older condominium building in the Huay Khwang area of Bangkok, has become a hidden gem. regroup architecture remo
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Best office design – or how a modern office is designed

The best practice of office design and layouts is always undergoing changes and adaptions and reflects the requirements of the actual job and the tendencies in the society. The preference and acceptance of different work settings for office workers vary between cubicle, open-office, team-office, multi functional work-landscapes, shared desks, private micro pods, and many more.
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Influence of COVID-19 on office designs

New office designs – the direct and indirect influence of COVID-19 on how we will work. The COVID pandemic has forced us to make short-term adjustments in our lives like “work from home” strategies during lockdown, travel restrictions, and hygienic precautions. Some of these experiences have and will influenced and changed the way we navigate our professional work life. From our standpoint as architects, we like to m
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GRS office building

Total Refurbishment of an office building in Silom area for a gems stone certification company. Large meeting-rooms, entrance hall, waiting hall and customer counter are the public accessible part on the lower floors. Offices, and laboratories are located above, a staff canteen with a rooftop terrace are located on the top floor. An over 100 sqm solar photovoltaic roof is producing the majority of the daily needed el
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