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regroup architecture is a Bangkok-based architectural design firm specializing in contemporary, innovative, and sustainable architecture and interior design. Founded in 2014, Regroup Architecture handles the entire design and planning process, including construction management and contracting, offering turnkey solutions. We position ourselves as a bridge between Europe and Asia, merging Swiss design, European expertise, and local Thai experience.

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BUILDINGS - Innovative Architecture

regroup architecture designs contemporary and sustainable concepts for houses, townhouses, villas, apartment buildings, and small office buildings. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with environmentally friendly practices to create buildings that are both stylish and functional. Each project is carefully planned and executed to match our clients' unique needs and preferences, blending innovation with practicality.


LIVING - Contemporary Apartment / Condo Design

regroup architecture specializes in transforming old apartments into contemporary modern or industrial loft-style spaces. We aim to blend clear, simple designs with a homey feel. Open plans, spacious layouts, and fluid spaces are the cornerstones of modern interior luxury. Our design process incorporates smart home technologies, innovative lighting concepts, and thoughtfully selected materials to create stylish and comfortable living environments.


WORK - State-of-the-Art Office Landscapes

regroup architecture has extensive experience in evaluating, consulting, and designing state-of-the-art office landscapes. Our projects focus on maximizing productivity, emphasizing company culture, and efficiently utilizing existing space and resources.

We use a framework of five work modes to address the individual aspects of workplace design:

  • Focus– productive capital
  • Collaborate– innovative capital
  • Learn– intellectual capital
  • Socialize– social capital
  • Relax– wellbeing capital

By integrating these elements, we create dynamic office environments that support various work activities and enhance overall employee satisfaction.



COMMERCIAL - Restaurant, shop, fitness-center

We design commercial spaces such as restaurants, coffee shops, and fitness centers with a keen focus on the client's specific needs and brand identity. Whether minimalistic or playful, budget-friendly or luxurious, our designs are tailored to reflect the unique essence of each business.

We take great care in balancing functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that our designs not only enhance the visual appeal of spaces but also improve workflow and customer experience. Our team's deep understanding of spatial dynamics and commitment to innovative design solutions allows us to consistently achieve outstanding results that help our clients' businesses thrive.


CONTAINER - Prefab Architecture

The use of shipping containers as a building material has surged in popularity due to their strength, availability, and cost-effectiveness. regroup architecture has completed several projects utilizing shipping containers as the primary structure. Prefabrication enhances construction quality and helps maintain strict timeframes. Additionally, using prefabricated modules allows for mobile and relocatable property investments.

Bentospace is our specialist division for sustainable and innovative shipping container architecture.

Project types

  • Private houses
  • Apartment & office buildings
  • Hospitality, hotel & resorts
  • Infrastructure projects



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