Swiss Thai Chamber of Commerce Shipping container office

An office garden pavilion in the Swiss embassy of Bangkok.

The new STCC office, made up of three workplaces, is located on the Swiss embassy compound, between the embassy offices, designed by architect Hans Hofmann and Roland Vogel in 1957, and a smaller office/ apartment bungalow. The new one-story office is embedded in the existing garden and surrounded by existing trees.

We are using one 40’ high cube shipping container, cut in halves which are placed side by side. This generates a 27 sqm office with a footprint of 6.1×4.8m, and an inner room height of 2.6m.





The office is divided by a glass wall into a director’s office and an area for two to four workplaces. A small, internal toilet and storage cabinets with a fridge and water dispenser are arranged beside the entrance door to efficiently utilize the tight space. Two large double-glazed sliding windows open the office up visually to the beautiful garden surroundings. The container office has insulated walls and ceiling, and double-glazed insulated windows. A large elevated and ventilated butterfly roof protects the building from heavy rainfall, and shadows the façade to reduce the sun heat gain.



To reduce the on-site construction time and increase the fabrication quality, the office pavilion will be almost entirely prefabricated offsite and transported there in two modules. The concrete foundation, water, sewage and electricity connection will be constructed ahead of the container delivery.





  • Project design,
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Quality survey construction site
  • Contracting
Location Bangkok
size 30 sqm
workplaces 3-5
construction Q3 2021