72 Alexander’s German Eatery


Alexander’s German Eatery

Authentic German Restaurant in Bangkok’s Ekkamai Soi 12

Alexander’s German Eatery brings a taste of Germany to Bangkok, housed in a charming two-story residence in Ekkamai Soi 12. This project transforms a traditional house into an inviting German restaurant, complete with a large beer garden and authentic décor.

The restaurant welcomes guests through a massive old wooden gate into a traditional German beer garden, featuring long tables and benches perfect for communal dining. A small hut with a chicken BBQ grill adds to the rustic charm.

The ground floor of the eatery is designed with a counter for beer, cold cuts, and cheese. The kitchen, located at the back, includes a large window that offers customers a view of the culinary action. Upstairs, the second floor boasts an elegant dining room with a cozy fireplace and decorative antlers, creating an intimate atmosphere.

The front part of the restaurant is adorned with wooden tables and a wooden stack wall, providing a rustic separation between different dining areas. A standout feature is the large “Stammtisch,” a communal table with built-in benches, situated in a bay window overlooking the picturesque beer garden.

The interior and exterior design of Alexander’s German Eatery are inspired by traditional German timber-framed houses, ensuring an authentic and immersive dining experience. This project showcases our dedication to blending cultural authenticity with modern hospitality, creating a unique culinary destination in the heart of Bangkok.

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Q2 2018


Bangkok - Ekkamai


350 sqm



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