63 Asian Tigers Mobility Office


Asian Tigers Mobility Office

Innovative Workspace Design in Bangkok

regroup architecture designed the new office for Asian Tigers Mobility, occupying 1,100 sqm on the full floor of a high-rise in Bangkok’s Rama IV area. The office is divided by elevator cores into two zones. Each zone features a large open office area with private offices situated along the periphery by the windows. These private offices do not occupy the entire window area, allowing the open office areas to also have direct access to natural light, which is crucial for the well-being of the staff. The open office is further segmented into smaller units using service stations for stationery and copy machines. These elements are semi-transparent, utilizing wooden vertical fins to provide privacy while maintaining openness.

Meeting rooms of various sizes are centrally located within the office. The large board meeting room features an acoustic ceiling with wooden fins and indirect lighting behind the ceiling, creating a sophisticated and functional meeting space.

Each side of the floor includes a canteen located in the corner, offering unobstructed views over Bangkok’s skyline and harbor. A large bar-height table in the center, featuring the Asian Tigers logo as table legs, fosters social interaction among employees. Additional tables and benches are positioned along the windows to enhance the communal atmosphere.

The materialization of the office includes carpeted floors and open ceilings with exposed sprinkler systems in the open office areas. A specially designed office lamp with a daylight LED panel provides direct lighting, while a warm white light source serves as an indirect component. The doors to the office and meeting rooms, along with all built-in elements, feature a wooden look, adding to the cohesive and stylish design.


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Q4 2017


Bangkok - Rama IV


1'100 sqm



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