57 Swiss Embassy Bangkok Staffrooms

House Extention

57 Swiss Embassy Bangkok Staffrooms

Seamless Bathroom Extensions for Enhanced Functionality

regroup architecture designed new bathroom extensions for the staff rooms at the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok. Each staff room now features a bathroom extension equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower. Originally designed by architects Hans Hofmann and Roland Vogel in 1957, the Swiss Embassy compound’s new extensions strive to integrate seamlessly with the existing design. By employing the same design language as the original structure, these additions maintain architectural harmony.

A key feature of the design is the prominent horizontal roof, which is accentuated by wrapping high windows around the corners directly under the roof. These windows provide ample daylight to the bathrooms while ensuring privacy, creating a bright and functional space for staff members.

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Q3 2018


Bangkok - Wireless Road


150 sqm

Rooms :


Property Type:

House Extention