41 MAQE Bangkok


MAQE Bangkok

Innovative Office Space for a Software Development Company

regroup Architecture designed the new office extension for MAQE in Bangkok, creating a dynamic and functional workspace for this software development company. The internal area for staff includes meeting rooms of various sizes, small phone booths, and a large brainstorming niche equipped with whiteboards on all walls. Additionally, diner-style meeting benches and desks enhance the collaborative environment.

A notable feature of the design is the system of ceiling tracks with movable whiteboards that run the entire length of the meeting rooms and brainstorming niches. This allows for the adjustment of whiteboard positions, providing both flexibility and additional privacy between the meeting areas and the open office.

The office also features a large arena with steps of varying heights, designed for public events and internal workshops. This arena is conveniently located next to the canteen, which is furnished with bar chairs to facilitate social interaction and informal meetings.

The entrance to the office is inspired by MAQE’s company logo, featuring an origami-style folded design that creates a unique and welcoming entryway from the corridor.


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Q2 2017


Bangkok - Chit Lom


600 sqm



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