35 Townhouse S65

Private House

Townhouse S65

A Modern Transformation

Regroup Architecture proudly presents the total refurbishment of Townhouse S65, a stunning conversion from a 3-floor to a 4-floor modern residence. This comprehensive renovation enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a contemporary living space tailored to meet modern needs.

The transformation includes a large balcony situated atop the parking garage, providing a spacious outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, an extended roof floor has been added, featuring a new living and TV room, as well as a second bedroom.

Townhouse S65 exemplifies our commitment to innovative design and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a beautifully modernized home that offers enhanced living spaces and a refined urban lifestyle.


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Q2 2017


Bangkok - Phra Khanong


200 sqm



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