155 Baan Phrom Phong


Baan Phrom Phong

Modern Family Condo in the heart of Bangkok

Nestled in Bangkok’s vibrant Phrom Phong area, regroup architecture designed and refurbished a contemporary 3-bedroom apartment tailored for a family with two children. This spacious unit boasts 3 bedrooms with ensuite baths, a dedicated home office, a large kitchen with an island, and a laundry room.

This spacious 3-bedroom apartment caters to the needs of a modern family, boasting a dedicated home office space, making it an ideal sanctuary for a household with two children. The layout optimizes space, featuring a large kitchen with an inviting island, complemented by a conveniently located laundry room adorned with a window offering natural light and ventilation.

The central area encompasses an expansive dining and living room, seamlessly connected to a generous balcony, providing an inviting space for outdoor gatherings and the possibility of a BBQ. The architectural design, characterized by step-back balconies, offers panoramic views even from the 17th floor, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the lush greenery of the apartment’s expansive garden below.

Each bedroom is meticulously crafted, offering an ensuite bath equipped with a walk-in shower, while the master bathroom boasts a luxurious bathtub for relaxation and indulgence. The interiors are adorned with a harmonious blend of white walls, accented by tastefully curated darker wallpapers, and adorned with a combination of whitish stone flooring and wooden floors in the bedrooms. This fusion exudes a warm, welcoming ambiance while embodying a modern European-Japanese aesthetic.

The architectural vision of this condo in Baan Phrom Phong revolves around creating a space that seamlessly intertwines functionality, style, and tranquility. The design prioritizes the fusion of sleek modernity with an emphasis on comfort, aiming to provide residents with a sanctuary within the bustling metropolis. The utilization of natural light, the incorporation of green views, and the sophisticated material palette collectively contribute to a serene yet contemporary atmosphere.

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Q3 2023


Bangkok - Phrom Phong


230 sqm



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