154 High Society Hua Lamphong

Shop, Smokerlounge

High Society Hua Lamphong

High Society Cannabis Club Hua Lamphong, 

regroup architecture designed a new High Society shop and lounge in Hua Lamphong Bangkok, nestled on the ground floor of a hotel close to Hua Lamphong Bangkok, the beginning of Chinatown.

The shop itself is a visual spectacle. A central counter, crafted from gleaming glass blocks, radiates a gentle glow from the light concealed behind them, resembling a luminous lantern. Vertical light tubes above the counter follow its round shape, casting a soft illumination over the whole space. The atmosphere is pristine and white, creating a clean and inviting ambiance that contrasts with the vibrancy of the street visible through the expansive windows.

Glass and mirror shelves showcase the array of premium green products, adding a touch of elegance to the space. However, the true allure lies in the inconspicuous half-open grow tent, a secret passage leading to the exclusive lounge room.

Step into the lounge room through the hidden doorway within the grow tent, and you’ll find yourself in a sanctuary designed for the enjoyment of High Society’s green products. The walls are adorned in a deep, soothing shade of dark blue, creating an intimate and mysterious setting. Indirect ceiling lights gently illuminate the room, casting a subtle glow that complements the curated art pieces on the walls.

The lounge room invites patrons to unwind and socialize. Engage in a friendly game of pool billiards, challenge friends to a PlayStation duel, or simply relax on the plush lounge bench. The bar, adorned with an array of High Society’s finest offerings, is a perfect spot to savor the unique atmosphere and connect with like-minded individuals.


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Q2 2023


Bangkok - Hua Lamphong


93 sqm

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