15 Mister Loo Tha Maharaj

Public Toilet

Mister Loo at Tha Maharaj

Innovative Public Toilet Design in a Shipping Container

Regroup Architecture has designed a unique public toilet facility for Mister Loo, located in the bustling tourist area of Tha Maharaj, Bangkok. The design utilizes a 20-foot shipping container, ensuring the investment remains mobile and adaptable to future needs. The façade features vertical slats, complemented by an inviting canopy roof at the entrance, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Inside, the design emphasizes cleanliness and modernity, with white walls accented by pink and blue signage. Wooden elements, including the toilet cabins and lintels for luggage, add warmth and functionality to the space. High-tech features such as sliding doors and touchless sensor faucets enhance hygiene and convenience, making this public toilet a standout in both design and practicality.

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Q3 2016


Bangkok - Tha Maharaj


30 sqm



Property Type:

Public Toilet