100 KALM penthouse condo


KALM penthouse condo

3-Bedroom Condominium Total Refurbishment in Bangkok Rama IX Area

At Regroup Architecture, we undertook the complete refurbishment of a 3-bedroom condominium in the Rama IX area of Bangkok. Our design aimed to transform the brand-new condo into a more homey, functional, and bespoke living space for a young owner family.

To achieve this, we incorporated several custom-built features and additions. The living area now boasts a striking back wall with large slab tiles, complemented by a sleek, long wooden sideboard to house the TV and other entertainment essentials. The bedroom design features a unique headboard that combines velvet fabric, wood, and metal accent bands, creating a sophisticated and cozy ambiance.

Additionally, we optimized the functionality of two bedrooms by integrating an office and vanity desk with ample storage and indirect lighting. These thoughtful enhancements ensure that the condo meets the family’s needs while exuding style and comfort.

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Q1 2020


Bangkok - Rama IX Area


120 sqm



Property Type: