Development business model

investor-graphics_1The sqm-price range of buildings in the same area in Bangkok is between a factor of 3-5. The micro-location, condition, and soft factors like design and usability are responsible for this price difference

Our development process will improve building condition, internal and external appearance, structure functionality as well as adding value with a suitable concept and increasing the usable area with building extensions.

External Co-Investors

investor-graphics_3regroup works on each property development project together with external Thai or non-Thai investors.

The possible investment size varies due the project size and location. Single shophouse developments need an investment between THB 5 to 10 mio (us$ 150’000 - 300’000), and combined developments of 3-4 shophouses need between THB 15-30 mio. (us$ 470’000 - 950’000).

The timeframe of these developments is between 8-12 months, and we’re aiming for an IRR of 20-30%.



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Property owner

00_shophouse_concept-2regroup is a reliable partner for property owners who want to maximize their property value.

Profound knowledge of the property market in Bangkok combined with creative, state-of-the-art architectural concepts, and experience in the Thai construction process are the main qualities of regroup.

we will provide property owners with project ideas, feasibility studies, investment calculations, and contact to additional co-investors.



we would like to help you to realize the full potential of your property