SQPXL – SquarePixel office Bangkok

SquarePixel is a software development company located in Thong Lor, one of the trendiest and most popular
neighborhoods in Bangkok. This 180 square-meter office, offering up to 16 working desks, is designed to encourage communication, collaboration, and an unorthodox working method among its young and fast-thinking developers. In a minimalistic design where sharp lines dominate, the dark wood floor produces a comforting glow and large windows let in natural light into the workspace. Concrete ceilings emit an industrial feel while hints of turquoise color on furnishings uplifts and energizes the office.

img src=”http://regroup.asia/wp-content/uploads/29_sqpxl_office_2.jpg” alt=”29_sqpxl_office_3″ width=”940″ height=”500″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1334″ />

Because SquarePixel wants to inspire an openness to change within its workforce, Regroup offers four different types of workspaces to allow for this flexible attitude needed in the fast-paced tech industry. When a project calls for intense teamwork, employees can take to the “war room” — a closed workshop space defined by two L-shaped whiteboards, a blackboard, and two screens for digital projection. Paper rolls are integrated onto a table for brainstorming and visualizing ideas. On either side of the “war-room” are two private management offices that look out onto an open workspace furnished with computer desks for quiet, individual work.

img src=”http://regroup.asia/wp-content/uploads/29_sqpxl_office_5.jpg” alt=”29_sqpxl_office_3″ width=”940″ height=”500″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1334″ />

Dividing these three zones are white walls that act as enclosures and glass doors that induce a sense of inclusiveness. The most enclosed area in the SquarePixel office is the meeting room where employees can discuss projects with clients in privacy — a long narrow window provides limited visibility into the rest of the workspace.


Away from the highly-focused atmosphere and separated from the meeting room by a shophouse-style roller gate is the multi-purpose area. In here, a hanging table and its accompanying metal stools centralise the space. At one corner, playful platforms made of cubby holes decked with 30 sitting cubes are used for a short break from computer screens or a chat with a colleague. Employees can transform this landscape into different layouts, such as an “arena” for formal and informal gatherings and events.




Location Thonglor, Bangkok
size 180 sqm
workplaces 12-20 desks
construction December 2015