Feasibility Studies

  • Feasibility studies

    regroup will uncover the hidden potential of a property:

    • empty land plot
    • abandoned building
    • fully rented property


  • Project envelop / facade

    refurbish or improve of the existing building envelop:

    • new facade openings
    • single or double glazed windows
    • sunshades/ sun shutter
    • green roofs and facades


  • Project style / design

    Each project will be individually designed, based on function, location and client:

    • new layouts, new circulations
    • reuse of existing building structures
    • loft style, international style, contemporary style


  • Functions / building structure

    Uncovering and optimizing the building structure, aintelligent building layout/ structure is essential for an efficient use:

    • allocation and size of function
    • position of vertical and horizontal circulations
    • extension of building volumes and increase of usable area


  • Context analyse

    Location, location, location!

    • views & orientation
    • micro-/ and macro location
    • transportation possibilities (BTS, MRT, highway,…)
    • schools, shops, restaurants, neighbors


  • Sustainability concept

    Sustainable architecture is energy efficient, cost optimized and enables a high living/ work quality.

    • reduce sun heat gain
    • preserve water
    • high efficient technical equipment


  • Costs / earnings / valuation

    The feasibility of a project is highly dependent on the relation between construction costs and market valuation

    • construction cost estimation
    • property market valuation and possible earnings