High Society Hua Lamphong

regroup Architecture introduces a new High Society Green Club shop and lounge in Hua Lamphong, Bangkok, nestled on the ground floor of a hotel near Chinatown. The shop boasts a central counter made from luminous glass blocks, casting a soft glow across the pristine white atmosphere. Glass and mirror shelves elegantly display premium green products, while a discreet half-open grow tent leads to the exclusive lounge room.


Within the lounge, deep blue walls and indirect ceiling lights create an intimate ambiance. Patrons can unwind and socialize, playing pool billiards or engaging in a PlayStation duel. The bar, adorned with High Society’s finest offerings, offers a perfect spot to savor the unique atmosphere and connect with like-minded individuals. Welcome to the elevated experience of High Society Hua Lamphong.


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  • Construction management
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  • Quality survey construction site
  • Contracting


Location Bangkok, Hua Lamphong
size 93 sqm
rooms 2
construction Q1-Q2 2023