Equilibrium Kalasin eco house

regroup architecture designed a sustainable eco house in Kalasin. The large open air living room deck is overlooking a lake in Kalasin province in Thailand. The kitchen and toilet are located on the ground floor, two bedrooms with a bathroom on a raised d platform in the back of the house.


The building layout and structure allows natural ventilation/ cooling and no air-con is needed. The large overhanging roofs protect the house from sun heat gain and from rain.


The aim is to reuse a lot of 2nd life construction material to be more sustainable and also to blend in better in the rural area the house is build in.


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  • Project design,
  • construction plans


Location Kalasin Thailand
Size 300 sqm
Rooms 2 bedrooms , 2 living -dining room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom
Design Q3 2022