RABBIT internet office

Innovative and efficient head office for RABBIT Internet in Bangkok. regroup designed the new office of RABBIT Internet in Bangkok. 

RABBIT Internet is a young tech company located in the Krits office complex at the heart of Bangkok. The 300-square meter loft-style office is designed to meet the professional needs and personal comfort of software developers, content marketing specialists, and management team. The RABBIT office is able to hold 80 people within its efficient, clearly defined layout that includes three work areas, a resting space, and a staff room. Neutral white walls and warm-toned wooden floors are the common theme while the company’s orange and white rabbit-shaped logo can be found engraved on walls, as large door stickers, or as furniture.

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  • Project design, interior design
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Quality survey construction site


Location Lumpini, Bangkok
size 320 sqm
workplaces 60-80 persons
construction Jul.-  Aug. 2015