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Quality management

Prevention is usually cheaper than repairing, both for the construction industry and from economic reasons. By using state of the art quality management tools the whole project planning and construction process results in an above average project quality. The goal is to reach an almost flawless construction project and avoid the greater damage, and the many failures in the construction industry. As well for optimizing time schedule and for better project economy.


propertydata asia

Property prices are very sensitive on location and they show a large price scatter, depending on the location within Bangkok and the availability of transport infrastructure. Propertydata.asia is analysing the property market prices every second quarter providing these needed local information. www.propertydata.asia


ecotool asia

ecotool is a flexible toolbox and survey tool for the building design process to improve the project sustainability in the context of South East Asia. The focus is on concepts and actions with a high leverage and large effect on the targeted goals. An economy of means as a basis of design process is as important as the maximization of energy efficiency of the building. www.ecotool.asia



urbanalyse works in between the fields of architecture, urban design analysis and sustainability with the goal to conceive real estate development projects in urban contexts of southeast Asia. www.urbanalyse.com


FRANK Legal & Tax

FRANK Legal & Tax, a Bangkok based law firm focused on real estate, corporate law and litigation www.franklegaltax.com



Bentospace is a spin-off specialized in compact living units, based on shipping containers.www.bentospace.com